GSSMS Start of Season Sail

Did we have this show? The year is passing in so quick that I firmly beleive this is an age thing. My memory is getting worse. I know we had it because I have the photos and some video eveidence. was there anything memerable about it? Oh there was.

It was windy and I lost control of my yacht. Within seconds it smashed against the side of the pond. From a distance it looked as though it could take it. Even after my jolt round the pond to reasure that was the case it still looked ok. On removing it from the pond however I was enlightend to the fact that there was a 30lb chunk of steel keeping the yacht upright. Now thats what I call boating. That aside the day went well with visitors from Greenock, Richmond, EK, Elderpark to mention a few. Many thanks to all those who turned up and helped make it the day it was.  Mr Cowie of GSSMS took the Wee Nip trophy for coming first.  Unfortunately there were no prizes for 2nd or 3rd although Wee Johnny of GRMBC took the junior Nip trophy.  Well done lads.


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