South Side Festival

South Side Festival PosterThe South Side Festival for members of GSSMS kicked of at eight in the morning with the usual pond side organisation. By eleven everything was in place ready for the start of the Festival marked by a procession down Pollokshaws Road, along Alison Street and finally turning up Victoria Road to go through the distinctive entrance that is Queens Park.

GSSMS was well situated for the carnival procession being situated next to Pollokshaws Road which gave members and visitors alike a birds eye view and experience of the carnival atmosphere. The club marked this special day with a Yachting Regatta to keep in with the theme of the festival which was on heritage. To encourage participation at the event GSSMS hosted 3 free to enter competitions. The first of which, a one metre and above race, was won by Mr L. Clarke. The Second, a Wee Nip race, was taken by Mr D. Cowie and the final race was won by Wee J. Mason for being the smallest of competitors to take part in the races.

The Club also put up a Revell, 1/72nd Scale GATO Class Submarine (retail cost £59.99) up for raffle throughout the day. One lucky (and very excited) winner from the Giffnock area took the prize with pink ticket 403. I had no idea that a phone call could generate so much excitement. Congratulations Katherine the members of GSSMS and the organisers of the South Side Festival hope you have many hours of fun with your new model.

Hope to see you all next year


2 Responses to South Side Festival

  1. trekkie1701 says:

    Hi, thank’s for a great day out on Saturday and for running the raffle – just a wee correction. ‘Christine’ is actually Katherine!!!!
    Signed, her Mum xxx

  2. gssms says:

    Hi there, duly noted and updated. Apologies for the mistake. The guys want to know if its built yet? We were away at another festival on Sunday over in Rosyth where we had another GATO up for raffle.

    If we had thought we could have let you know and you may have won that for your son. Never mind though if your in the park on the 13th July we are hosting a National Navy Day where there will be more than a GATO sub up for grabs. We have a couple of ready to run ships on offer for the kids so feel free to come along. The display we had last year was enormous and this year we hope to beat it.


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