It’s amazing what you find on a Bank Holiday Monday

Just two weeks away from GSSMS’s Start of Season show and guess what turned up. Yes some photographs of by gone days in Glasgow South. Most intriguing are the photos from the exhibition at the Royal Concert Hall, Buchanan Street, Glasgow. If you have ever visited the Concert Hall you will realise that providing a display of model boats to fill the foyer is no mean feet. However, pioneering as it was for the time, GSSMS put on a display to remember and one that contributed to the City of Glasgow awarding the club a Civic Award in 1989.A decision to take on such an event, going from personal experience, would not have been taken lightly and it is more than likely down to these guys (and many others like them) that resulted in the display going ahead. As you will notice from the photo above and the one to the left a lot of preparation must have gone into the construction of the display stands and the final layout. The next few photos show that GSSMS still packs a punch when it comes to drawing a crowed into Queens Park. These are photos of a regatta held on the 11th Aug 1991. Here you will see that there are a number of people who have stopped to see the models in the water. I expect this it a time when there were fewer restrictions on the use of pyrotechnics within many Glasgow clubs and model warship displays always went with a bang. I remember as a kid my father taking me to some of the shows and being in-awe at the loud bangs.

Early GSSMS Show

My how the pond and clubhouse have changed since then. Do you have any old photos of days gone by in GSSMS. Do you have any of the Queens Park Model Yacht Club? If so and you are willing to share them along with some commentary then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with the webmaster. If you know of anyone who was involved or recognise any of the models on the displays then please don’t hesitate on replying to this piece.


2 Responses to It’s amazing what you find on a Bank Holiday Monday

  1. Eddie says:


    I was in the club when it took part in the Concert Hall event, it lasted all week.
    The stands you see were made for the opening of a building in Clydebank & the clubs 25th anniversary I think, so recycling is not something new,.
    There is a video of this event.

    It is good to see “Ron’s Radio Shack” aka the caravan.


    • gssms says:

      Is that what the caravan was. I always wondered why anyone would want to stay in Queens Park over night. It give a sense of the enthusiasm that used to exist in the hobby little over two decades ago as a lot of time and effort must have went into their construction. Thats what I call commitment. Heres hoping that the Wee Nip events rekindle that enthusiasm once more.


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