Glasgow Richmond Open Day

Sunday 2nd of May. Just spent the day at Glasgow Richmond Model Boat Club’s open day.. As always GRMBC know how to lay on a show with their on the water and static displays. The event had a fantastic atmosphere (almost carnival like) and turn out of both modellers and spectators alike. There was entertainment for all. Some of the lads undertook a tug towing display while others took part in a Wee Nip race (15 in all).

The Eddie with Dazzle sail

Pollux that means they have took the nip record from GSSMS – oh well theres always a next time! The lack of wind and a false start (because some participants wouldn’t or didn’t listen to the Nip Master) resulted in a prolonged race. The commentary and or the odd jibe from one participant to another fair kept the spectators engrossed. Those high on whatever on the other hand were just mesmerised by the trails left on the water by Eddies sails. The lack of wind unfortunately meant the cancellation of Nip Combat which was a slight disappointment. I was so looking forward to doing battle after the week before at Queens Park.

Anyway I took my little Pollux to the show and boy did it receive some attention (pun intended). Not many people could believe that such wee tug could push one of the richmond barges let a lone the Peter Shepherd. Well it did and it managed really well.. I have a feeling I might buy another on the next Blackpool Model Boat Convention. This could be another lively addition to GSSMS’s activities. I can see myself and Mr Hutton building a cruise liner or something to tow around the pond at some point in the future.

Well done and thanks for a great show guys


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