GSSMS Member does the Lochalsh Dirty Thirty.

View looking on to Eliaen Donan

A Member of Glasgow South Ship Modelers Society recently raised £1,356.67 (£278.67 in gift aid included) on behalf of dogs for the disabled. Members of the team started the Dirty Thirty from Shielbridge Campsite at 8am on the 30th June 2010 and arrived back just after midnight on the 1st of July at 12:15am.

The terrain lived up to its name with deep bogs and forest tracks. A deep river (although I hear if you catch it when the tide is out then its only ankle deep) and steep hills. All in all though the scenery is absolutely fantastic and to a certain extent takes your mind of the distance.

There was plenty of wildlife on offer ranging from seals, eagles, hawks, voles, moles, foxes, dear, salmon to name but a few.

This walk is not for the faint hearted but I would recommend it to anyone as there is a good pub on the way.


2 Responses to GSSMS Member does the Lochalsh Dirty Thirty.

  1. Eddie says:

    Warships & wildlife!
    Congratulations on the money raised.

    • gssms says:

      Thanks Eddie, my feet suffered badly asn my heels even worse. I think i must have walked the last 15 miles with no skin on my heels. I will spare everyone the photo though


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