It’s been a while.

Well hello again. It’s been a while since the last post on the blog. What then has been happening I here you say? Well. Hunners – basically. The club held its end of season sail in mid August and that followed our largest calander event of the year which was the National Model Warship Weekend held on the 10th, 11th July this year (more on thin in another post). Prior to that we participated in this years Southside Festival which was a blast. Members from GSSMS and visitors from other clubs participated in a Wee Nip Challenge followed by Nip Combat. Passers by must have enjoyed it as they hung around for ages cheering every time participants had their balloon popped. They must have thought we were mental. Anyway ‘don’t be’ won the wee nip challenge – not sure who won on the combat though. It was fun!

Other exciting events happened around Birchwood and Summerlee. The Birchwood Model Boat Convention is a favourite of mine given the location and the fact it is well organised. This is the second year I have travelled down with the Scottish Model Warship Association to participate in this event. Like last year the guys contributed to a marvellous display and answered lots of questions from visitors. Then there was the sailing. Yes guys we really need to practice – one boat capsized and another ran aground – was fun though.


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