Sailing on Loch Tay

Club Secretary, joined fellow work mates from Glasgow Caledonian University to try sailing on Loch Tay. Having sailed model yachts for years, even winning a couple of competitions, Gordon felt it was time to try the real thing and jumped at the chance when a colleague mentioned that there were taster sessions on offer from Legend Sailing on Loch Tay. Captain GA quick train ride to crianlarich, then by car to the waters edge and we were on the boat by noon.

The weather wasn’t exactly the best for a boat that relied on the wind to propel it forward. However, as we discovered sailing upwind uses aerodynamics. With the wind at a suitable angle and our weight concentrated on one side of the boat the resultant shape of the sails caused high pressure on the windward side and low pressure on the lee side. The combination of this high and low pressure then drove the boat forward – I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t have seen it for myself but it did. As the instructor said the faster she goes – the faster she goes. The Crew

Sailing down wind was a different kettle of fish though as a boat can never travel faster than the speed of the wind (unless they are reaching across). As there virtually no wind we slowly limped back eventually being helped with a paddle. All in all it was great day out and enjoyed by everyone.


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