Spring is in the air

MoorhenAfter some of the worse winter weather we have experienced for years Queens Park was a hive of activity today. Parents with children, dog walkers and the odd drunk helped breath new life into the park once again. Around the pond birds were being fed by passers by and those that were not interested in food were interested other preoccupations. The moorhens and coots for example were surveying the four corners of the pond for debris in which to build their nests. The squirrels were teasing the dogs and the fish attracting the attention of a heron. Yachts on the pond Over by the boat house model boaters were beginning to stir preparing for a new seasons of sailing and boat shows. Caught on camera were a couple of yachts attempting to sail upwind in a leisurely manner while out of shot were the skippers chatting away briskly about the boats they had been building over the winter.


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