Film events at the boathouse?

Converted Clubhouse

Converted clubhouse

A busy day today. Aside from a lot of spring cleaning going on at the clubhouse members also witnessed a new projector screen being fitted as part of clubhouse improvements this year. The timing of the screen coincides with the club being chosen as a venue to host a showing of short films from the Scottish Film Archive as part of the Southside Festival – Filmfest – Organised by Karen O’Hare. To test out the facilities there was a taster screening of Attack on Leningrad which left all those present gob-smacked to say the least. Talk suddenly focused on the potential for further screenings with titles such as the Cruel Sea, Sink the Bismark and the Admiral among others being suggested. My guess is that there is lots of amateur video out there related to shipbuilding and model making in general that would also be great entertainment.
If anyone has something of interest and wouldn’t mind providing a copy to the club then feel free to get in touch.


One Response to Film events at the boathouse?

  1. Bry (AdmiralOgle) says:

    What a great addition to the clubhouse. Any chance of a special showing on one of the NWW days of something on these lines. Know its hectic that weekend and clubhouse is used duirng day for members / visitors tea’s etc, but a short 1/2 to 1hr showing of some relevent topic, advertised on board outside, might be a nice addition to the club event -and certainly different to anything any other club does…

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