It’s all over for another year

GSSMS would like to thank everyone who came to the 4th National Warship Weekend over the 9th and 10th July this year. Aside from the occasional heavy shower the 4th National Model Warship Weekend went well and with no apparent problems. On day one the sun was splitting the skies, which was a surprise to everyone as the weather reports told a different story the evening before. Set up as always is a lot of work but I guess everyone who volunteers to help are just getting better and better as most of the work had been done about 2 hours earlier than we thought it would take. This gave everyone a well earned rest and plenty of time to tuck into their rolls and sausage before the exhibitors and visitors arrived. As the tables started filling up with warships of all shapes and sizes we began to think that this show was going to be as big as last years.

It was great to see Rex and Mandy once again, and the modifications Rex applies to his HMS Illustrious.  It was also great to see Dan Gerous and Nick ‘O’ Time (alias Bry  and Nick) who traveled up from Newcastle that morning.  These guys were only the beginning as we also found individuals who had traveled from Ireland, (England – from Tyneside, Wearside, Merseyside, London, Norfolk) Germany, Holland and Canada.  The Canadian (Johnathen) was on his second trip this time bringing his wife who kindly knuckled down to help out many thanks for Judging the best in show.

This year we tried a couple of new things which proved to be popular with visitors and exhibitors alike.  Firstly,  we introduced a small film theater to the clubhouse and looped footage from previous warship weekends. Many thanks to Eddie Haig for putting this together at such short notice as I’m sure that it would have been a time consuming process.  We also introduced a tombola for the first time which went down better than the usual raffles because of the possibility of an instant win. Here you see one of the local residents who was lucky enough to walk away with a fine model of, our very own favourite, HMS Snowberry.  Well done! I do hope it results in a new member.

On day two the competitions started running with teams of 3 taking up naval manoeuvres along a short course.  Each team had to follow instructions and maintain steady distances from each others ship in the convoy.  Well that’s how it was supposed to work in theory.  I only wish it worked in reality.  If only warship modellers could sail as well as they build!  All teams started of well but fell away as they reached the outer marker with one going completely of course as its owners (Slava) lost control and the ship headed toward the concrete at full speed a stern.  Fortunately, Micheal (not Michelle) was on hand to prevent a disastrous collision.  The winners of Team manoeuvring were from the Scottish Model Warship Associations Team One other wise known as Bill, Colin and Gary, (pictured far left).  Competition for best in show was picked up by last years runner up HMS Edinburgh type 42 batch III destroyer built by Bry from Newcastle.  Well done that man hope you enjoy the carriage clock.

Many thanks to everyone who donated to RNLI and Help for Heroes charities as you will appreciate every little helps.  Special thanks must go to both Ailsa and Clare for their time and effort working away in the clubhouse and for each donating £15 to the above mentioned charities.  We would also like to thank the members committee of Glasgow Richmond for loaning their harbour system once again  – this really gives a unique back drop to the many photos taken on the day.  To Norrie for loaning his karaoke PA system.  To the Glasgow South Branch of GOALS for the use of their facilities over the two days and to Glasgow City Council Land Services staff at the Glasshouses and in the events team.  Finally, thanks must also be given to the members of GSSMS for their time and effort.  If it wasn’t for the efforts of everyone coming together this event would not be as successful as it has which according to Dave Wooley from Model Boat Magazine is the “biggest event of its kind in the UK and possibly even the biggest in Europe”. What a plug!

4th National Warship Weekend

I have included some galleries for you to view. You will notice the few but quality shots in the gallery above. These have been supplied by Nic Gordon local photographer.

NationalWarship Weekend 20111

Well Done all!


6 Responses to It’s all over for another year

  1. Nic says:

    Hi, I have some pictures from this event which I would like to share. How do I add them?

    • gssms says:

      Hi Nick good to hear from you. Have you recovered since last week. Think I nearly killed Colin by taking him up a mountain the monday after the show. was good though.

      A couple of ways to get photos onto site. Either set up a slide show on some online medium like flicker, picasaweb or something and send me the link or embed link and i will add it. Alternatively email them to me and I can create a slide show this end


  2. admiralogle says:

    HMS Edinburgh was runner up in 2009 and was built by Chris Bullock (Boatman) Gordon, not 2010, before undergoing a rebuild & upgrade by me for 2011. Greta Show, Best wishes to all. See you’ve got a photo of HMS Lindisfarne FPV there .Nice one m8 We’ll be showing the flag for GSSMS at Kirklees this weekend.

  3. admiralogle says:

    That should have read Greta Show -as DW says ‘possibly the best in Europe’ MAny thnkas to all who contributed to organising the weekend..and who’s this Dan Gerous bloke..I’ll have you know I never crashed once this year….unlike some we can mention. LOL Roll on 2012 PS Over £100 raised for Help 4 Heroes Well done!

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