Trip to Ben A’an

No sooner had the warship weekend come to an end and members of GSSMS were planning a trip up Ben A’an.  The idea came about following a request by Rex that his partner Mandy would like to try some of the walks up here in Scotland.  As it happens Rex didn’t have to ask again as this is our second passion after ship modelling…. On Monday morning it was a quick trip for Colin too mine, then over too Donna’s followed by a trip too Strathclyde Park to pick Mandy up from the camper van.

We quickly set off in the direction of the Trossachs and Ben A’an which was approximately an hours drive from Strathclyde Park via the back roads to Aberfoyle and then over the Dukes pass to the car park in front of Loch Achery. The weather couldn’t have been better for a walk up Ben A’an as the clouds were high in the sky making visibility good.  The views from such a small mountain are spectacular and make an instant reward for anyone making this climb.

Once we got to the top it was time for some photos and then some nibbles before heading down hill and onto Aberfoyle and the pub for some cold beers.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did Mandy.  See you next year for another walk after the Warship Weekend.


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