Tk max


Only at TK MAX could you find a collection of very well constructed fast Italian motor launches.  The models are approximately 70cm long by 26cm wide.  Each model has an excellent wood finish and leather or faux leather upholstery in the cockpits.  Unfortunately I didn’t look close enough to see how easy they would be to convert to radio control but they certainly did look as thought there would be plenty of room if one wished to do so.   The quality of workmanship is obviously reflected in the price £250.00 so not cheap.  Also in stock if the motor launches are to expensive are less well crafted models of HMS Victory and a Titanic and the Olympic.  Well worth a perusal.


One Response to Tk max

  1. gssms says:

    I watched these boats over a couple of weeks, and was sorry to see that as time went on, bits were gradually broken off and the finish was remarkably cheapened as a result. Shame really.

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