Can Anyone Help?

I had an interesting call the other day but unfortunately I was unable to help because my knowledge of the clubs history only goes as far as the club itself and not the boats that members built and or owned. To my knowledge we have never had a register of models in the club. If any one can help Magda then please leave a comment on this post or if you would rather she contacted you privately then we can pass your details on. Magda kindly supplied some images of the yacht to help with its identification and hopefully as a result a little more about its history.

“Many thanks for taking some time this morning to speak with me about “Sezu” and the model yacht club at Queen’s Park.
As I mentioned to you, we have very reluctantly decided that the time has come to part with Sezu and she will be going to auction here in Suffolk in November. We have been asked to try to provide a little background and although we can provide information from 1972 when she was given to my husband when he was a young boy, we are trying to fill in some of the blanks.
Any information you could give to us would be very gratefully received as we actually know very little of her age and background.
In the meantime, please find attached some very (bad) photos of Sezu which were taken today in high winds (so we couldn’t even attempt to set up the sail properly) and between very heavy showers. Hopefully it’ll give you and your fellow club members some indication as to how pretty she is – despite the brass not being cleaned for years!
I’ll also do as we discussed and e-mail those on the contacts page of EK /Richmond Model Boat Club“.

Many thanks for your help.




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