GSSMS New Committee Structure

Following the AGM of 4th December 2011 Glasgow South Ship Modellers Society can announce it has two new members on its Standing Committee.  Secretary for 9 years Gordon Morlan officially stood down to make way for some new blood.  Gordon commenting at the meeting said that “he wished to peruse other interests such as cycling and his new found interest in rowing.  Work commitments had also taken their toll and meant that keeping in touch with members was becoming more and more difficult”.  Gordon felt the “club deserved better and as a result it was his duty to stand down”.

Photo of Con Chair of GSSMSOn a very sad note Conn Mcgee, Chair of GSSMS for the past 5 years was involved in a serious car accident at the tail end of November.  Its not clear whether Conn will return to the club but we wish him a speedy recovery regardless.  Members felt a deep sense of sorrow as Con was one of the last few remaining members who would remember the formation of GSSMS in 1967.

As a result of the above the make up of the new Standing Committee is as follows:

  • Chair – James Cox
  • Vice Chair – Stevie Huston
  • Treasurer – John Hutton
  • Secretary – Len Clarke
  • Competition Organiser – Robert Gorman

I think everyone will join me in congratulating them and wish them well in taking the club forward in these challenging times.


One Response to GSSMS New Committee Structure

  1. admiralogle says:

    Wishing you a speey recovery Conn, looking forward to seeing your smiling face next time I’m up.

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