GSSMS Hold Current Wee Nip Record

March 28, 2010

A New Scottish record was made on the 17th August at Queens Park, Glasgow, with 11 Wee Nips sailing at the one time. The banter from the skippers & audience at the beginning sums up the fun aspect of Nip sailing.

Cheers for the Blurb Eddie

If you want to know more about the Wee nip then go to theweenip


Download the Current Events Guide For Model Boating in Scotland

March 28, 2010

Current Listing of Model Boat Events in Scotland

Here you will find a listing of the most popular events in Scotland this year in down-loadable form

Ellesmere Port

March 23, 2010

On the 7th of March a few members of GSSMS traveled to Ellesmere port for the annual model boat show. After a hectic 3 and a half hour drive, including a luxurious stop at the Red Rooster Cafe for the biggest breakfast ever, the boys arrived at around 10am. The weather was great and the hospitality even better. The event was held in the National Waterways Museum on the Union Canal. The museum is impressive to say the least and well worth a day out for anyone interested in learning a chapter in the history of the canal network with in the UK.

The link with canal boats and boating made this an excellent venue for a model boat show as it gave us a lot to do and see in the five or six hours we spent there. The model displays were spread throughout the museum, while the traders occupied the main hall. Below is a small collection of the models on display.