A Moment of Reflection

February 20, 2011

Wee Johnny Showing of His Medal

Just been digging through some old record showing our contribution to charity in 2010. For a small club on the south side of Glasgow operating out of Queens Park I am proud to say we raised £3,299.52. Among the charities we have helped this year are Dogs for the Disabled, Cancer Research and the RNLI. Hopefully next time we can push the boat out (pardon the pun) and raise a little more.

It makes me proud to think that you have guys involved in one hobby willing to make a difference. Yes guys you should be so proud but lets up the challenge this year and hit that £4000 mark.


Can’t Wait for the Warm Weather

February 14, 2011

Role on the better weather. It’s the start of a new year and new season for model boating in Queens Park. For the yachtsmen the constant westerly wind was what they had been asking for it made the 3 degreesC feel like -3. Even me with my multi layers couldn’t keep the chill out so it wasn’t long before we retired into the comfort of the warm clubhouse for some chit-chat and a coffee or two. The good thing is that the weather didn’t put to many people off from visiting the park and in particular the boating pond. Spotted here is a young couple with their enthusiastic son showing an interest in a small fully featured tug. Also making an appearance was a very nicely weathered 1/16 scale Russian T34/85 medium tank built by our beloved Secretary.

Spring is in the air

February 6, 2011

MoorhenAfter some of the worse winter weather we have experienced for years Queens Park was a hive of activity today. Parents with children, dog walkers and the odd drunk helped breath new life into the park once again. Around the pond birds were being fed by passers by and those that were not interested in food were interested other preoccupations. The moorhens and coots for example were surveying the four corners of the pond for debris in which to build their nests. The squirrels were teasing the dogs and the fish attracting the attention of a heron. Yachts on the pond Over by the boat house model boaters were beginning to stir preparing for a new seasons of sailing and boat shows. Caught on camera were a couple of yachts attempting to sail upwind in a leisurely manner while out of shot were the skippers chatting away briskly about the boats they had been building over the winter.

Sailing on Loch Tay

February 5, 2011

Club Secretary, joined fellow work mates from Glasgow Caledonian University to try sailing on Loch Tay. Having sailed model yachts for years, even winning a couple of competitions, Gordon felt it was time to try the real thing and jumped at the chance when a colleague mentioned that there were taster sessions on offer from Legend Sailing on Loch Tay. Captain GA quick train ride to crianlarich, then by car to the waters edge and we were on the boat by noon.

The weather wasn’t exactly the best for a boat that relied on the wind to propel it forward. However, as we discovered sailing upwind uses aerodynamics. With the wind at a suitable angle and our weight concentrated on one side of the boat the resultant shape of the sails caused high pressure on the windward side and low pressure on the lee side. The combination of this high and low pressure then drove the boat forward – I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t have seen it for myself but it did. As the instructor said the faster she goes – the faster she goes. The Crew

Sailing down wind was a different kettle of fish though as a boat can never travel faster than the speed of the wind (unless they are reaching across). As there virtually no wind we slowly limped back eventually being helped with a paddle. All in all it was great day out and enjoyed by everyone.