Its still amazing what you find after cleaning

July 28, 2010

A few weeks a go a post was published called It’s amazing what you find on a Bank Holiday Monday. Well again one of our older members has come up trumps. Life President and long time member of Glasgow South Ship Modelers Society, Andy Short, came across these little gems as he was sorting through his old photo collection. Rumor had it he was actually looking for a picture of his Fletcher Class Destroyer to show all us non-believers that he has actually built one. Andy, we are still waiting!

Well instead of finding the Fletcher Class photo, Andy turned up with a photo of himself and the Princess Royal having a chat by the banks of the Clyde Canal. The photo captures part of the celebrations with regard to the re-opening of the Clyde canal. As part of the festivities GSSMS kindly provide one of its many static displays.


GSSMS Member does the Lochalsh Dirty Thirty.

July 26, 2010

View looking on to Eliaen Donan

A Member of Glasgow South Ship Modelers Society recently raised £1,356.67 (£278.67 in gift aid included) on behalf of dogs for the disabled. Members of the team started the Dirty Thirty from Shielbridge Campsite at 8am on the 30th June 2010 and arrived back just after midnight on the 1st of July at 12:15am.

The terrain lived up to its name with deep bogs and forest tracks. A deep river (although I hear if you catch it when the tide is out then its only ankle deep) and steep hills. All in all though the scenery is absolutely fantastic and to a certain extent takes your mind of the distance.

There was plenty of wildlife on offer ranging from seals, eagles, hawks, voles, moles, foxes, dear, salmon to name but a few.

This walk is not for the faint hearted but I would recommend it to anyone as there is a good pub on the way.

3rd National Warship Weekend

July 5, 2010

National Warship WeekendWell its that time again when the members of GSSMS get together and prepare for yet another model warship weekend. Last year was our biggest event and this year we hope it will be bigger. Preparations are already underway with the guys working on various displays both on and off the water. There will be two competitions. One for the best model in the show and another for the team manoeuvres. The show kicks of at 11am on Saturday the 10th July and culminates on sunday the 11th with all the competitions and prize giving . All model warships welcome from any era or nationality. If you are interested in this type of model making then please come along and chat with the modellers. Look forward to seeing you!!